Do you ever wish you could just knead away your aches and pains? This is probably the closest you can get. Ancient massage techniques are employed by our therapists that help combat back pain, aches and stress. Rebalance your body and allow the qi (life or energy force) flow properly.

Tui na is a hands-on body treatment which is well known as a kind of massage that uses Chinese taoist and martial arts principles in an effort to dredging the meridian, promoting blood circulation and strengthening immune system.Tui Na is considered as an efficient method on chronic pain conditions, especially that caused by muscle-skeletal conditions and injuries.

Massage therapy of this kind is now gaining widespread acceptance in the West; instead of going to physiotherapists and chiropractors, doctors are recommending treatments such as tui na and acupuncture. 

The Chinese perceive that the human body has 12 paired meridians each in which qi flows. Manuals dating back centuries in the Yellow Emperor’s Classics in Internal Medicine map out these meridians, which are not like blood vessels, but channels. The Chinese practitioner believes that a person’s wellbeing depends on their qi; the massage therapy activates the important pressure points which stablise and assist the flow of qi. 

Intensely relaxing, tui na is great for those new to Chinese alternative therapies.