Oriental Acu Herb is a UK-based (TCM) company in London to provide acupuncture, massage, cupping and other  treatments. Such treatments are also combined with quality-controlled TCM products.

Practitioner-in-charge of Oriental Acu Herb Clinic, Dr. Li, has been working as qualified traditional Chinese Practitioner for over 20 years after he graduated from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (one of the best traditional Chinese medicine university in China). Dr Li specialises in multiple traditional Chinese medicine therapies, especially in acupuncture. He dedicates himself to his career, aiming at serving his patients with his rich clinical experience and outstanding skills. Over ten thousand of patients have recovered from their diseases with the help of Dr. Li, which makes him gain a very good reputation as a respectful Traditional Chinese Medical doctor.

Our services includes a wide range of traditional medicine practices originating in China. TCM served as the mainstream medicine system in China for 3000 years, but is considered a popular alternative medicine system in the western world. The World Health Organisation has formally endorsed acupuncture.

The major principle in the TCM system are of: Yin-Yang, the Five Phases, the human body Meridian/Channel System, Zang Fu Organ Theory, Six Confirmations, Four Levels, and other major concepts.

主治医生Dr Li上世纪90年代初毕业于中国著名的中医大学之一的山东中医药大学,随后进入一所大型综合性医院工作并取得执业医师资格证,擅长中医,针灸治疗各种痛症,男性科如遗精,阳痿、早泄,前列腺炎,精子计数低所致不孕,妇科如痛经、经行先期、后期、先后不定期、功血、闭经、盆腔炎、不孕症、子宫肌瘤等,皮肤病如斑秃、银屑病、痤疮、湿疹等,内分泌失调如更年期综合症、肥胖症等,精神神经系统疾病如癔病、眩晕、头痛、三叉神经痛、面肌痉挛、坐骨神经痛等,消化系统疾病如胃炎,肠炎,胆囊炎、胆石症,IBS等,外科骨科如乳腺增生、乳腺炎、颈椎病、肩周炎、腰痛等。

Dr. Li道承岐黄精髓,以振兴中医为己任,医德高尚,医术精湛,深受广大患者赞誉。