Breast Enhancement by Acupuncture

The principle of breast enhancement by acupuncture is to provide a great profusion of vital energy (Qi energy in Chinese) and blood circulations for the chest through the adjustment of physical conditioning so that sufficient nutrition supplied by the advanced circulation of vital energy and blood makes the breast grow naturally. In fact, the breast enhancement by acupuncture is to stimulate the growth of the breast. It is also effective to postmenopausal women. Furthermore, it proves that the breast enhancement can not simply play a role in the regulation of endocrine, but it should be technical specifications and rich clinical experience of acupuncture breast enhancement.
1. Breast Enhancement by Acupuncture
2. Breast Enhancement by Medical Acupressure
3. Advantages & Shortcomings
4. Healthy & Scientific Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement by Medical Acupressure
Explanation: Doing massage on Tan Zhong acupoint between breasts, on Tian Zong Acupoint at the depressed point of the central shoulder blades and on Shao Ze Acupoint under the outside of little finger nails or receiving breast enhancement treatments by Acupuncture at professional Traditional Chinese Medical hospitals.
Result Analysis: Ms. Li TIAN’s ample bosom was given by Acupuncture for years. The principle of traditional Chinese medicine shows that doing medical acupressure or acupuncture on acupoints can stimulate glands and endocrine, commanding the pituitary gland to release hormone, acting on the ovary and responsively activating breast cells to promote breast growth. Meanwhile, it leads blood to the chest, conveying nutrition to the breast to achieve the effectiveness of breast.
Suitable People: It is suitable to people who have flat or little breast caused by hormonal deficiency, congential dysplasia, genetic factors and have breast atrophy, mastoptosis after lactation and breast retraction induced by drugs.

Advantages & Shortcomings
There is no side effect for the breast enhancement by acupuncture. Acupuncture can achieve fast, healthy and safe breast enhancement through the stimulation of breast by physical acupoints to make breast grow up again. It is very safe to use the principle of traditional Chinese medicine and the treatment result is very obvious. Bust can increase 5-15cm after one course of treatment.
Breast enhancement by acupuncture can speed up the blood circulation of breast, enhance the viability of cells of breast tissues, adjust human endocrine function, and thus stimulate the breast fat cells and other tissue growth and increase in order to make the breast plump, increase skin tension for strong elastic breast.
1. The breast enhancement by acupuncture is very safe. Since the treatment is based on syndrome differentiation in accordance with different people, the result is very effective. Its advantage is safe without side effect.
2. Based on all around syndrome differentiation for adjustment, the breast enhancement by acupuncture not only makes breast develop, but also improve the existing sub health status, such as grey complexion, fatigue, irregular period, dysmenorrhea, insomnia, acne, chloasma.
3. The breast enhancement by acupuncture is the treatment that requires high technology, delicate way and rigorous thinking.
Although the breast enhancement by acupuncture is fast and safe, there is no relevant standards to regulate it. Some clinics without acupuncture treatment eligibility exist great security risks. It would be likely to lead to chest disease or inflammation and to become the route of transmission of infectious diseases if related acupoints were found wrongly or hygiene is not done well. Although it is not an operation, it affects the whole body metabolism so that it is not suitable to receive such treatment very often. Normal breast enhancement by acupuncture should be arranged for a fixed time period. Hot and spicy food is prohibited in the process of treatment. Be careful to avoid inflammation caused by putting needles into acupoints.

Healthy & Scientific Breast Enhancement
Hot compress and massage
There are a lot of hot compress effect, one of which is the increase in the chest. Hot compress is a traditional Chinese medical breast enhancement method. Hot compress can improve local blood circulation, expansion of blood vessels, promote local metabolism. Massage can prevent the duct of breast from blockage and stimulate the secretion of estrogen in order to promote breast development. Massage can also treat breast hyperplasia, benign breast lumps, breast tumor cellulose, etc.